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Ragnarocktoberfest King of the Hill Tournament 2019 Details!

On October 11th-13th in San Jose, California, Foamwar inc. will be hosting the yearly Ragnarocktoberfest event. Aside from all the other aspects of the event, such as the large faction vs faction vs faction game on Saturday, that Sunday, the 13th, will host a 16 team King of the Hill tournament. This post will continue to be updated with more information as we get closer and closer to the event!

Registration for the tournament will be $50 per team, and can be found by clicking here. One person will pay the fee when registering, and everyone else can select the player option that has no fee associated to it. Rosters are not locked the moment you sign up, you may make changes as you please until at least a week before the event, we will give you ample heads up if there is a cutoff for it. Any changes or additions to your roster can be emailed to

If you’re a player looking for a team, or a team looking for more players, you can use this file to post and find others to form a team with.

If you’d like to familiarize yourself with the updated tournament rules for the event, you can click here for them.

If you want to see what King of the Hill matches look like, here’s a playlist of last years tournament matches.

The tournament structure will follow the format in the image below. The 16 teams will be split into 4 groups of 4 teams at random. If you win twice in the group stage you qualify for the top 8, if you lose twice in the group stage, your team is eliminated. The top 8 bracket will be single elimination, with the addition of a 3rd place match.

The field size is 125 feet by 125 feet, and you can find the layout measurements and a clean image for your use below. As well if you’d like to open the field in sketchup to see things from different angles, you can download that file here.

The tournament schedule is tentatively set to be as follows and will be populated with team names once ready:

7:30am – Player Check In/Registration
9:30am – Welcome Speeches/Rules Discussion
10:00am – Field 1: Match 1
Field 2: Match 6
10:20am – Field 1: Match 2
Field 2: Match 7
10:40am – Field 1: Match 3
Field 2: Match 8
11:00am – Field 1: Match 4
Field 2: Match 9
11:20am – Field 1: Match 11
Field 2: Match 16
11:40am – Field 1: Match 12
Field 2: Match 17
12:00pm – Field 1: Match 13
Field 2: Match 18
12:20pm – Field 1: Match 14
Field 2: Match 19
12:40pm – Field 1: Match 5
Field 2: Match 10
1:00pm – Field 1: Match 15
Field 2: Match 20
1:20pm – Lunch Break
3:00pm – Field 1: Match 21
Field 2: Match 22
3:20pm – Field 1: Match 23
Field 2: Match 24
3:40pm – Field 1: Match 25
4:00pm – Field 1: Match 26
4:30pm – Field 1: Third Place Match
5:00pm – Field 1: First Place Match
5:30pm – Awards Ceremony/Cleanup

Important note for this schedule, your team will be expected to check in 15 minutes before each match to verify players, blasters, and darts. Read more about this and other details in the rules linked above.

That’s it for now, we’ll keep updating as we have more information, so keep checking back, and we’re looking forward to seeing you all competing at the event!

Foam Pro Tour 2019 Brackets, Rules & Information

We are just over two weeks away from the first Foam Pro Tour, held at Endwar 2019 in Statesboro, Georgia. Hosted by the Ion Rush game type creators, The Atomic Dart League!
With 16 teams registered from all over the United States and beyond, we will get to see a mix of play styles from the various groups that make up our hobby, where one will walk away on top!

Be sure you’re up to date on the most recent version of the Ion Rush Tournament Rules before the tournament! Even if you aren’t participating in the tournament, there will be a 3rd field for open Ion Rush games to be played, so you can get your competitive fix, or try the game type for the first time!

Teams have been keeping their rosters and plans quiet as this is the first major Ion Rush event and there isn’t a ton of scouting information out there yet, so we have group information and team names to share with you, but no rosters for most teams as of yet. Once the tournament is completed all available information will be updated on the website.

Important Times For Players
7:30 AM: Foam Pro Tour Player registration and check in opens at Georgia Southern University “RAC” Fields, please be prompt.
8:30 AM: FPT Opening Ceremony and Rules Discussion along with tournament bracket posting.
9:00 AM: FPT official matches begin, teams must be present for their matches, and are encouraged to support the tournament by spectating others matches.
1:00 PM: 1 Hour Lunch Break
2:00 PM: Matches Resume
5:15 PM: Grand Finals Match

The format is double elimination group stages, leading to a single elimination Top 8. This means 2 teams from each group will advance to the Top 8 to play for the title!

Field Measurements

Video detailing the scoring system for Tournament Ion Rush – Via TK-1138 of Atomic Dart League

Complete Brackets Via Challonge To Follow Along Day Of!

Group A

Bracket & Match Schedule Here

Team Paradox
Space Force
The Eh! Team

Group B

Bracket & Match Schedule Here

Fear Our Foam
Virginia Renegades
Team Chaos
Team Sesh

Group C

Bracket & Match Schedule Here

Beef Squad
Dirty Darts Flung Dirt Cheap
Beats Squad

Group D

Bracket & Match Schedule Here

Team I.D.C.P.
Florida Foam Flingers
Team Kickass
The Crew Auxiliary

Top 8 Bracket

Bracket & Match Schedule Here

Want More Information Or Have Questions?

Foam Pro Tour Competitors Page – Great place to ask any questions you may have.
Endwar Schedule
Foam Pro Tour Challonge Brackets – For live updating the day of the tournament!
Want To Volunteer To Help The Event Be Amazing? Click And Post Here!

Foam Pro Tour!

Endwar 2019 will be the location of the first Foam Pro Tour tournament, hosted by the Atomic Dart League. Utilizing a tournament version of the Ion Rush rules, which can be found here. This is a 5v5 tournament with a current cap of 16 teams, though that may increase as well. Get your squad together and get practicing, so you can bring your best to this tournament with players from all over the world, for a prize pool of $3000!

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