Pro-Nerf Virginia

Location: Virginia
Main Game Type: Ion Rush
Secondary Game Type: Team Death Match
Required Age: 14
Facebook Link: Pro-Nerf Virginia
Match Footage: PVA YouTube Playlist

Pro-Nerf VA is a league of players focused on being the best in competitive nerfing. Imagine what a dart can do at 200 feet per second. Our members enjoy fast-paced, high-intensity game-play that caters to both young and old. Whether or not you have played Nerf before or even if you don’t own a Nerf blaster, we have you covered. Experience the intensity of Pro-Nerf Virginia.

Pro-Nerf Virginia Roster

RankPlayerMatches PlayedMatch W/L %Rounds W/L %Flag CapturesTotal Points
1Jay Powell (HuronBH)00.000.0000
2Tyler Cebula (Ty)00.000.0000
3Jeremy Smith00.000.0000
4Greg Zinn00.000.0000
6Jaren (Grizz)00.000.0000
7James Belleville (Janky James)00.000.0000
8Daniel Wolf (Wolf)00.000.0000
9Theo McGuckin00.000.0000
10Nick Stone00.000.0000
11Anthony Barbini00.000.0000
12Craig Cebula00.000.0000
13Tanner Gates00.000.0000
15Marissa “Sphynxzy” Sweeney00.000.0000