FDT Speedball Rules

1. Game Type FDT Speedball

1.1. Teams are 5 vs 5.

1.2. There are no respawns in rounds, once tagged you are out for that round and will come back for the next.

1.3. Players may not be subbed in during an event.

1.4. Teams or Organizations may field as many separate 5 man teams as they wish.

1.4.1. In tournaments these multi team organizations must choose one 5 man team to be their primary team. This team is the only 5 man team that scores points for the organization and advances through the tournament.


2. Match Rules

2.1. Each match consists of 3 rounds.

2.2. All 3 rounds must be played.

2.3. A round lasts either 2 minutes or until a team brings the opposing flag back to their starting bench.

2.3.1. If a team returns the opposing flag to their bench, they win the round.

2.3.2. If time expires before this happens, the round is a draw and no team scores a point.

2.3.3. Tagging out all opposing players does not end the round.

2.4. Teams start each round at their home bench, with at least one part of their body or blaster touching the bench until the round starts.

2.4.1. The bench may be an actual bench, a wall, or other similar object that a full team may sit on or stand against.

2.5. When a player tags an opponent they must immediately shout “hit”, raise their blaster in the air, and head back to their bench.

2.5.1. A tag is any rival round shot that impacts a player or their gear. Any round that bounces off of the ground or other object will not count as a tag if it impacts a player.

2.5.2. Tagged players may not interfere with the game in any way.


3. Blasters

3.1. Blasters and rounds will be provided by the league organizer.

3.2. Each team will use 4 Rival Artemis blasters and 1 Rival Nemesis blaster.

3.2.1. Blasters will not be modified in any way.

3.3. Teams decides among themselves who runs what blaster.

3.4. Blasters will be fully loaded at the beginning of the match.

3.4.1. Players may not carry additional rounds.

3.4.2. Players may reload their blasters with rounds from the floor during the match.