Pro-Nerf Virginia

Location: Virginia
Main Game Type: Ion Rush
Secondary Game Type: Team Death Match
Required Age: 14
Facebook Link: Pro-Nerf Virginia
Match Footage: PVA YouTube Playlist

Pro-Nerf VA is a league of players focused on being the best in competitive nerfing. Imagine what a dart can do at 200 feet per second. Our members enjoy fast-paced, high-intensity game-play that caters to both young and old. Whether or not you have played Nerf before or even if you don’t own a Nerf blaster, we have you covered. Experience the intensity of Pro-Nerf Virginia.

Pro-Nerf Virginia Roster

RankPlayerMatches PlayedMatch W/L %Rounds W/L %Flag CapturesTotal Points
1Jeremy Smith00.000.0000
3Jaren (Grizz)00.000.0000
4James Belleville (Janky James)00.000.0000
5Daniel Wolf (Wolf)00.000.0000
6Theo McGuckin00.000.0000
7Jay Powell (HuronBH)00.000.0000