Squad Supremacy Rules

Squad Supremacy Rules

1. Squad Supremacy

1.1. Squad Supremacy matches will be 5 minutes long. The team with the most points will be the winner.

1.2. Teams are 4 vs 4.

1.2.1. Teams must have at least 4 players.

1.2.2. Teams may have one substitute on their roster. Substitute players may not referee games their team competes in.

1.3. There are no respawns.

1.4. There are no substitutions mid round.

1.5. A player is tagged when any dart or foam “grenade” contacts them or their blaster.

1.5.1. When tagged players aren’t able to shoot or move from the position they were tagged.

1.5.2. The tagged player may make any verbal calls or physical motions as long as they do not leave their tagged position.

1.5.3. If an untagged teammate places their hand on the tagged player, that player is immediately revived and a live player in the game again.

1.5.4. If an untagged opposing player places their hand on the tagged player, that player is eliminated and must leave the field for that match.

2. Match Rules

2.1. At the beginning of each match, a flag is placed in the middle of the field.

2.2. The match ends when time runs out or either team brings the flag to the opposing teams spawn zone.

2.2.1. In the rare situation where both teams have one player on the field and those players tag each other out at the same time, the round ends without the flag being involved, and both teams receive points as if they’d eliminated the remaining players on the field, as there is no one left to revive them or complete the elimination.

2.3. When a team brings the flag to the opposing teams spawn zone, they are awarded 20 points.

2.4. When a team eliminated an opposing player, they are awarded points equal to the amount of loadout points the eliminated player used.

2.5. Points are accumulated through the course of a season.

2.6. Regular season events will be round robin where each team plays a set number of times.

2.7. The final event of the season will have a finals match that is different from regular season matches.

2.7.1. The four highest scoring teams from that season will compete in a four way squad deathmatch game.

2.7.2. The teams will start on the four corners of the field.

2.7.3. There is no flag or time limit, the match concludes when only one team remains. Should a simultaneous tag ending occur in this match, the team whose tag landed first will be the winners.

2.7.4. Eliminations and revive rules stay the same.

2.7.5. The last team standing is the winner of the match and the season champions.

3. Blaster Restrictions & Required Gear

3.1. 300fps limit.

3.2. Eye protection is mandatory.

3.3. Each squad may only have one fully automatic blaster, regardless of power source.

3.4. Shield users may not use melee weapons in conjunction with the shield.

3.5. Shield users may not use a blaster that shoots over 150fps.

3.6. Shields are broken by mega darts and foam “grenades”

3.6.1. Mega dart hits on shields break them, and they must be immediately dropped, the player is not counted as tagged or eliminated though.

3.6.2. Foam “grenade” hits on shields eliminate the player without a need for a hand touch confirmation. Foam “grenade” hits on unshielded players also count as eliminations without a need for a hand touch confirmation. Foam “grenades” are safe foam throwables, despite their name they do not affect anything they do not touch.

4. Loadout Points System

4.1. Each team has 60 points to spend in any configuration they like.

4.2. Teams that spend no more than 40 points receive an additional 10 points to their score after each match.

4.3. Points List:

0 Points:
6 Dart Capacity Magazines
Empty Magazines Of Any Capacity

1 Point:
Stock Blasters
10 To 12 Dart Capacity Magazines
Airblaster Compressor – LPA Or Internally Contained

2 Points:
Modified Blaster: Front Loading Small Form Blasters – Maximum 8 Dart Capacity
Modified Blaster: Spring Powered Blasters Under 200fps
Modified Blaster: Flywheel Blasters Under 10 Darts Per Second Rate Of Fire
15 To 20 Dart Magazines And Drums
Melee Weapons
Rival Blasters – Excluding The Khaos, Nemesis, And Prometheus
Stock Mega Blasters

3 Points:
HPA Bottles
Modified Blaster: Spring Powered Over 200fps
Modified Blaster: Flywheel Blasters At Or Over 10 Darts Per Second Rate Of Fire
Rival Khaos, Nemesis, Or Prometheus
Modified Mega Blasters
22 Dart Capacity And Above Magazines And Drums
“Grenades” – Sock Bombs, Vortex Footballs, Other Safe Throwables

5. Prizes & Fees

5.1. Entry and dart fees will be decided by each organizer and may differ from league to league.

5.2. Prizes will be decided by each organizer and may differ from league to league.