How To Create A Player Page

From the home page you can click on the Blaster Tag Association link in the top left corner of the website. This will take you to the website dashboard, from here you can hover over the Players icon and a menu will pop up where you’ll click on Add New.

On the Add New Player page you can type in the players name. After that there are four things you need to do, the rest is optional.

On the Details panel you will click on the Current Teams text box, which will bring up a drop down menu where you can scroll or type in the players current team if they have one, and select it. You may do this for any previous teams they were on in the Past Teams text box if applicable.

After that click on the Leagues text box and select the league or leagues that this player is participating in. Followed by clicking on the Seasons text box and selecting any appropriate current or past seasons the player participated in.

The last thing to do is link this player profile with the User on the website it represents if it is not your own. If that player doesn’t have a User profile you may skip this and come back to it in the future if they create one. Clicking on the User drop down menu will allow you to select the User you want to link the account to, and give them access to edit their profile and add any details or metrics they want to. If the Player profile is for yourself, you may skip this and add any other details you’d like to your profile, and you’re good to go!

Images for clarity will be added in the future.