How To Create A Team & Player List

From the home page you can click on the Blaster Tag Association link in the top left corner of the website. This will take you to the website dashboard, from here you can hover over the Teams icon and a menu will pop up where you’ll click on Add New.

This will take you to a new page, you can enter the team name in the Name field at the top, moving to the right you can ignore the Parent panel, and if your team has a Facebook or Twitter, you can link them in the respective panels below the Parent panel.

In the Details panel you’ll start with the League text box, clicking on this will pop up a pull down menu, you can either scroll through or type in any league names the team is participating in and click them. Do the same for the Seasons text box below that, the difference here is you want to click any seasons the team is currently, or has previously, participated in. The way seasons break down can vary depending on the league, so be sure to stay up to date with your league and update the team info when necessary.

If your league has a Venue added to the website that your team usually plays at you may select that from the Home text box. If your team has a website you may add that to the Site URL text box and choose if you’d like that link to redirect after clicking or not. If your team has a shorthand name or abbreviation you may input those into the Short Name and Abbreviation text boxes respectively. If your team has a logo you may select that link, which will take you to a window where you may upload an image for the teams logo and set that for the team. Everything in this paragraph is optional, so don’t worry about filling them out if you don’t want to or don’t have them.

From here you can scroll back to the top and click on Save Draft, which should refresh the page for you. You’ll likely see some more options under the League Tables and Player Lists sections, before we get to that, we need to make a Player List for the teams roster. And before you can do that,
you need to make sure you have players to fill your team with, so if there aren’t already Player Profiles made for this teams players, click here to find out how to make them.

If you open a separate tab with the website dashboard, you can hover over the Players icon on the left sidebar, which will bring up a menu and you can click Player Lists.

At the top of the Player Lists screen, you can click on Add New. The first thing you should do on this new page is enter the name of your Player List, typically we recommend adding roster to the end of the team name, so it would be “Team Name” Roster. There are a number of options on this page, but we’re only going to focus on the necessary ones and one optional one for now.

The one optional is on the left sidebar, on the Columns panel you’ll see a bunch of options for metrics and similar, you may select any of those you wish and they will appear on the Player List page.

On the Details panel you’ll need to fill out the League and Season text boxes, just as you did on the Team page, these will need to be kept up to date as seasons change as well. Under that you’ll find a Team drop down menu, from here you’ll select the team this roster is for by either scrolling through it or typing their name in and selecting them. After that another pull down menu will pop up immediately below it, for that select current. Those are the necessary steps, you may add more details or change the sorting method if you so choose, but from here you can scroll back to the top and click on Publish.

An important note here is that if the players profile doesn’t have them listed on the team, then they won’t show up on the Player List, so you’ll want to make sure all the Player profiles are updated with the proper Current Teams listed.

With that done you can click back over to your Team page and refresh it, when you scroll down slightly you should see the Player List you just made in the Player Lists panel, you can click the box to enable the roster you created, and that will display the roster on the teams page. As well, if a League Table has already been made to display the standings of the league the team is participating in, that will show up under the League Tables panel and you can click that box to enable that as well.

With those steps done you are ready to click Publish at the top of the screen and make the Team page live to the website. There are other things you can do from here, such as changing the webpage colors to reflect the team colors, or if you’ve created the team, but want to hand editing powers over to someone else on the team you can scroll down to the bottom and under the User pull down menu, select the User you’d like to have control of the Team page.

With that you’re all set to add teams to the website and add them to leagues!

Images for clarity will be added in the future.