How To Input Match Results

If you have a League Manager account, from the home page you’ll click the Blaster Tag Association link in the top right corner.

From there you’ll see the website dashboard. If you hover over the Events icon on the left sidebar, you’ll see a menu pop up, you want to select Add New. Events are the term the website addon we use has chosen to represent single matches, rather than entire events, which can be confusing at times.

From here you’ll be taken to a new event page, at the top you can input your match name. We recommend including the League Name, Season, Event Number(In this case referring to the actual event, not the match), Match Number, and Team Names if applicable.

After that you can scroll down and focus on the right sidebar. The Format and Mode should be set to Competitive and Team vs Team by default, so you can leave those, unless you’re inputting a Friendly match.

Under the Details grouping, you can input the date of the match, and optionally the total time of the match if desired. You then can click on the League text box to bring up a pull down menu, you can either scroll until you find your league, or type the name in to bring it up and select it. You will do the same for the Season box, the difference here is that you won’t have a specific season for your league, but rather for the game type being played, so you select the year the match took place and the game type played. If you have a venue added to the website, you can then select it from the venue pull down menu, otherwise leave this blank.

Now comes the Teams panel, this is similar to the League pull down in that you can either scroll to find the team, or type their name in and select them. Do that for both teams, if you are playing in a league that uses randomized teams for each match rather than set teams, your league will have two teams named as your league abbreviation and blue or red, so you would select those two teams for your match inputting. Once the teams are selected their rosters will generate on the panel and you can select the players that were active during this match by clicking on their boxes.

If you have a video of the match posted online, you can link that video in the Video panel on the bottom right side by clicking on the Add Video link and inputting the link there, which will embed the video to the match results page for anyone to view. If you are a League Manager and would like access to the BTA YouTube page to post your match footage, please email us at or message us on Facebook.

At this point you can scroll back up to the top of the page and hit Save Draft. This will refresh the page and you should see some new boxes, this is where you input match results. There are more boxes than you’ll need to use, but which ones you use will vary depending on which game type you’re inputting results for. You’ll also notice there is a Results panel, and a Box Score panel, you can ignore the Box Score panel, we currently only use the Results panel.

King of the Hill: Total Time, Total Points, Outcome
Ion Rush: Rounds Won, Flag Capture, Match Played Point, Rounds Lost, Total Points, Outcome
QuikFlag: Rounds Won, Rounds Lost, Total Points, Outcome
FDT Speedball: Rounds Won, Rounds Lost, Total Points, Outcome

Rounds Won: Input the number of rounds the team won during the match.
Total Time: Input the total amount of hill time the team accumulated during the match.
Flag Capture: Input the number of flag captures the team achieved during the match.
Match Played Point: Input 1 for this field when playing Ion Rush, every team gets a point for playing in a match, regardless of results.
Rounds Lost: Input the number of rounds lost by the team during the match.
Total Points: Add all previous fields together except for Rounds Lost and input that in this box.
Outcome: Input Win, Loss, or Draw to properly reflect the outcome of the match.

You are now ready to hit Publish on the top right, this may also change itself to say Update, click either to push the match results live on the website. You are also welcome to add any notes or write up in the available text box about the match if you’d like. You’re now ready to input matches for your league whenever you have results!

Images for clarity will be added in the future.