Foam Pro Tour 2019 Brackets, Rules & Information

We are just over two weeks away from the first Foam Pro Tour, held at Endwar 2019 in Statesboro, Georgia. Hosted by the Ion Rush game type creators, The Atomic Dart League!
With 16 teams registered from all over the United States and beyond, we will get to see a mix of play styles from the various groups that make up our hobby, where one will walk away on top!

Be sure you’re up to date on the most recent version of the Ion Rush Tournament Rules before the tournament! Even if you aren’t participating in the tournament, there will be a 3rd field for open Ion Rush games to be played, so you can get your competitive fix, or try the game type for the first time!

Teams have been keeping their rosters and plans quiet as this is the first major Ion Rush event and there isn’t a ton of scouting information out there yet, so we have group information and team names to share with you, but no rosters for most teams as of yet. Once the tournament is completed all available information will be updated on the website.

Important Times For Players
7:30 AM: Foam Pro Tour Player registration and check in opens at Georgia Southern University “RAC” Fields, please be prompt.
8:30 AM: FPT Opening Ceremony and Rules Discussion along with tournament bracket posting.
9:00 AM: FPT official matches begin, teams must be present for their matches, and are encouraged to support the tournament by spectating others matches.
1:00 PM: 1 Hour Lunch Break
2:00 PM: Matches Resume
5:15 PM: Grand Finals Match

The format is double elimination group stages, leading to a single elimination Top 8. This means 2 teams from each group will advance to the Top 8 to play for the title!

Field Measurements

Video detailing the scoring system for Tournament Ion Rush – Via TK-1138 of Atomic Dart League

Complete Brackets Via Challonge To Follow Along Day Of!

Group A

Bracket & Match Schedule Here

Team Paradox
Space Force
The Eh! Team

Group B

Bracket & Match Schedule Here

Fear Our Foam
Virginia Renegades
Team Chaos
Team Sesh

Group C

Bracket & Match Schedule Here

Beef Squad
Dirty Darts Flung Dirt Cheap
Beats Squad

Group D

Bracket & Match Schedule Here

Team I.D.C.P.
Florida Foam Flingers
Team Kickass
The Crew Auxiliary

Top 8 Bracket

Bracket & Match Schedule Here

Want More Information Or Have Questions?

Foam Pro Tour Competitors Page – Great place to ask any questions you may have.
Endwar Schedule
Foam Pro Tour Challonge Brackets – For live updating the day of the tournament!
Want To Volunteer To Help The Event Be Amazing? Click And Post Here!