Capture The Flag Test Rules

These rules are in an unfinished version meant to be tested, broken, altered, and reworked until all issues have been resolved.


1.1: Matches are played 5 vs 5

1.1.1: Teams may have up to 2 additional substitute players

1.1.2: Teams may substitute players when a tagged player respawns, after a flag capture, or during halftime.

1.2: The field measures 200 feet x 100 feet

1.3: Team starting points are on opposing corners of the field

1.4: Each teams flag is placed near the corner adjacent to their spawn point.

1.4.1: Each flag should be a different color for easy visual distinction.

1.5: A match consists of two 10 minute halves with a 5 minute halftime inbetween.

1.6: There is no limit to the number of times a player may respawn

1.7: There is no cap on the number of respawns allowed.


2.1: Each half lasts 10 minutes.

2.2: At the start of each half, or after one team scores and the field resets, teams stand on the boundary of the field at their starting point within their teams Spawn Box.

2.2.1: After a flag capture there will be a one minute break for teams to return flags to their starting positions, players to reload, make substitution, and line back up for the match restart.

2.3: Blasters must be pointed at the ground or directly into the air until the game is active

2.4: Once the half starts teams will attempt to remove the opposing teams flag from its stand and bring it to their flag while it remains in their stand.

2.5: When players are tagged they immediately leave the field and return to their spawn point, they may re enter the field as an active player after their respawn timer finishes, re entering from their spawn point.

2.5.1: A tag is any dart shot by an opposing player that has not contacted anything else before hitting the player, that players blaster, a held flag, or any gear they are wearing or holding.

2.5.2: If a player is carrying the flag when they are tagged they must immediately drop it, they may not throw it or hand it off to another player.

2.6: Players carrying a flag may still use their blasters while carrying the flag.

2.7: The flag must be carried the entire time it is moving, it may not be thrown.

2.7.1: The flag may not be left on the field without a player within arms reach of the flag, unless it is being dropped after the flag carrier has been tagged.

2.8: When a team returns the opposing teams flag to their flag, they are awarded a point and the half timer is paused. Flags are reset, and both teams have one minute to return to their spawns and ready themselves on their starting point for the match to resume.

2.9: When the first half ends, teams will take a 5 minute break, then switch sides for the second half.

2.10: The match ends either after time expires or one team has both 7 points and is at least 2 points ahead of the opposing team.

2.10.1: If a team reaches 7 points without being 2 points ahead, the match continues until one team is 2 points ahead of the other, or time expires.

2.10.2: If the match ends due to time expiring, the team with more points wins the match.

2.10.3: If teams are tied at the end of the second half, the team that accrued more time with the opposing flag out of it’s home stand will be the winners.


3.1: Players can be subbed in the following ways:

3.1.1: When an Active or Tagged Player returns to spawn

3.1.2: During an injury hold to replace the injured player

3.2: If another player is subbing in for a Tagged Player, the substitute takes the respawn timer of the player along with any time penalties that player incurred. If the player subbing out has not been tagged and is still an Active Player, the subbing player takes a respawn timer equal to what the Active Player would take when tagged before spawning in.

3.2.1: If the Player subbing out has no respawn timer then the substitute also takes no respawn time, whether the playing subbing out is active or tagged.

3.3: Substitute players may communicate with players on the field.

3.4: Substitute players must stay outside the play zone and within the Spawn Box.

Positions & Restrictions

4.1: Players choose one of two positions, Offense or Defense. Once set this may not be changed during the match.

4.1.1: Offense players – A team may have any number of players in this position. Offense players may be anywhere on the field at any time as active players. Offense players may only bring 40 darts on the field each time they spawn. Offense players may not use full auto blasters. Offense players have an fps cap of 200. Offense players may carry the opposing teams flag, or their own flag to return it to their base. Offense players may not give or receive any darts to or from any teammates while on the field as active players. Offense players have a respawn timer of 15 seconds upon reaching their spawn point.

4.1.2: Defense players – A team may have up to 2 players in this position. Defense players must stay on their teams closest quarter of the field, 50 feet from the closest narrow end of the field. This area will be called a teams defensive zone. They may only leave this area of the field when their flag has been taken by the opposing team. As soon as it is no longer under an opposing players control they must either move back to their defensive zone, or towards the flag to return it to their base. While outside the defensive zone a defense player may not use their blaster once the opposing team no longer has possession of their flag. Defense players may bring 140 darts onto the field each time they respawn. Defense players may use full auto blasters. Defense players have an fps cap of 250 depending on blaster type. Defense players may only carry their teams flag back to their base after it has been taken by an opposing player. Defense players may give or receive darts to or from other Defense players on their team while on the field as active players. Defense players have a respawn timer of 30 seconds upon reaching their spawn point.

4.2: FPS Cap: 250 for springer blasters, 200 for semi/full auto blasters

4.3: Players may not pick up darts during active gameplay, only during the minute between a flag capture and match restart, or between halves.


5.1: Penalties will add to a players respawn time and immediately change their status to an Inactive Player as though they were tagged, and must immediately return to spawn.

5.1.1: Severe enough penalties will result in players being removed from the match or event and their team playing down a player regardless the number of substitutes they have.

5.2: Penalty punishments TBD based on testing.