A New Blaster Tag Major Tournament?

Today there’s great news for competitive hobbyists looking for more events to compete in. Maryland Mayhem has announced the rule set for their tournament in April of 2023. The game type is called Flag Dash and you can find the full rules here. There are some clarifications and errors to be fixed in the next week or so, but the rules themselves are locked in.

While there’s plenty to unpack by reading the full rules, here’s a brief overview:
1. 250 fps flat cap.
2. Field size of 40 by 28 yards, or 120 by 84 feet.
3. There are 2 rounds per match, each round is up to 3 minutes long.
4. Rounds end by elimination, flag runs, or time outs.
5. Points are scored by eliminating opposing players and completing flag runs.
6. If the score is tied after 2 rounds a series of 1v1’s will be played to determine the winner.
7. Roster size is up to 10 players per team, however there are no subs between rounds in a match, only between matches. The only exceptions are player injuries.
8. Teams may have up to two rostered players be coaches in each match, and those coaches are the only ones allowed to make calls from the sidelines.
9. Dart cap of 600 darts per team per round.
10. Dispute system that allows for disputes to be filed after each round and allows community footage for review.

One of the three potential field layouts shared in the rules document.

That is not a comprehensive rundown of the rules, just a few bits to consider for those without the time to read the complete rules right away. I am absolutely looking forward to seeing the meta that evolves around this game type and how the competition adapts at this event. Having a third major tournament to go alongside the FPT and Ragnarocktoberfest could make for a great year of competition in 2023 in the US. There’s also SpeedDart growing rapidly and who knows if they’ll try for a major event next year as well.

I welcome this addition to the tournament scene, and want to thank the organizers for putting the work in to give the community another event to compete in. I hope this excites and motivates players and teams to show up for this and solidify another major tournament to our scene. If you want to follow along with the event itself, you can find the Facebook Event Page here. So get your team ready for April 14th!