Bay Area Foam Sports

Location: San Jose, California
Main Game Type: King of the Hill
Secondary Game Types: Ion Rush
Required Age: 15+
Facebook Link: Bay Area Foam Sports
Match Footage: BAFS YouTube Playlist

The Bay Area Foam Sports League started as a group of friends discussing how to put a competitive nerf format together in 2013, eventually leading to a 5v5 King of the Hill game type that evolved into the rule set you see on the BTA website today. From spring into early fall we meet monthly for league days, then during the winter months we occasionally meet for one off events like tournaments, different game type days, or test games.

Davis Nerf Club
Stick Together
Nerf Herders
The Newbz
White Rangers
Mavericks With Mavericks

Bay Area Foam Sports Season 2 Standings

PosTeamWinsLossesTime ForTime Against
1Stick Together5029021849
2Davis Nerf Club4131281661
4Mavericks With Mavericks2323762311
5White Rangers1318582319
6Nerf Herders1317362523
7The Newbz0402164

Bay Area Foam Sports Season 1 Standings

PosTeamWinsLossesTime ForTime Against
1Davis Nerf Club11182134232
2Stick Together8465545802
3Nerf Herders5760666480
4The Newbz5760176545
5White Rangers5759096555
6Mavericks With Mavericks21045967741

Bay Area Foam Sports Season 1 Player Stats

PlayerMatches PlayedMatches WonMatch W/L %Hill Time ForHill Time AgainstHill Time %
Christian Hebron33100.001932114862.73
Tarik Crnovrsanin99100.006131319765.73
Herbert Yuan99100.006131319765.73
Thanh “Thanhtacles” Vu99100.006131319765.73
Kevin Huen66100.004199204967.21
Kyle Huen99100.006131319765.73
Randal Ammon3266.671749128057.74
Aren Newkirk6466.673079308749.94
Isaac Schuller3266.671558150550.87
Jeremy Mac6466.673093308450.07
Joey Jacoby3266.671749128057.74
Chris Reyes9555.564698456250.73
Mike Tom9555.564698456250.73
Michelle “Meishel” Tegul9444.444692473349.78
Jessica McCormick9444.444692473349.78
Steven Littiebrant9444.444692473349.78
Scott Montgomery9444.444692473349.78
Jason Gamino9444.444284506945.80
Adrianna “Cheesewhiz” O’Shea9444.444692473349.78
Cecilia Luu3133.331233181840.41
Chris Poon6233.332838329646.27
Jordan Crawford6233.332968333047.13
Kobe Hutchison9333.334424496447.12
Gerank Fok9333.334424496447.12
Lucian Drogo6233.332968333047.13
Ketrina Yim6233.333124316349.69
Kimball “ThunderKrunk” Yamasaki6233.334485477248.45
Mark Rauschmayer6233.332699339644.28
Adrian Kelly6233.332789332745.60
Jeffrey Yao6233.332763348744.21
Sinclair Yim3133.331522162648.35
Ryan Truher9222.223739544340.72
Anson Law6116.672728351943.67
Brett “Beret” Screechfield000.001932114862.73
Ryan Ramirez000.001522259037.01